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Mac OS X Disk Images

Create sparsebundle: hdiutil create -size $SIZE -fs HFS+J -Volname $VOLNAME -type SPARSEBUNDLE $VOLNAME_backup Convert to compressed sparsebundle: hdiutil convert $VOLNAME_backup.sparsebundle -format UDBZ -o $VOLNAME_backup_compressed.sparsebundle.dmg Mount read-only sparsebundle with read-write Shadow: hdiutil attach -owners on $VOLNAME_backup_compressed.sparsebundle.dmg -mount required -shadow Unmount: hdiutil detach $VOLNAME Commit changes in Shadow (can’t be done in-place; have to create new file): […]

Unix/Linux/OSX scripting

{stolen from here…} Unix Shell Stuff    $# – Contains the number of arguments passed to the program in the form of positional variables. $* – Contains all the positional parameters passed to the program. $1-$9 – Positional parameters. $0 – Contains the program name. $$ – Contains the process ID of the current process. […]

Creating OSX 10.7 Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

lifted directly from http://www.randomsquared.com/post/22875358548 Mac OS X 10.7.4 SOE In summary, here is my method for creating a Mac OS X 10.7.3 Standard Operating Environment “SOE” Image. Posted it over on my blogger page but leaning toward migrating to tumblr… so here goes. Overview The goal is to create a “MASTER” non-booted SOE that can […]

Filter OSX netboot images by Mac model

From a post on DeployStudio’s forum. It’s not currently live so this is from Google’s cache… Model Property filtering..How to set in runtime.nbi for multiple macs? I was able to use System Imaging Utility to create a NBI that had the plist with the Model Property Filtering in it. I then copied the Model Property […]

Remove iWork ’09 via script

Found an applescript written by Yvan KOENIG to remove iWork ’09 from a machine. Have converted it to bash so it can more easily be deployed via ARD and as a pre-flight to the installation package in munki. #!/bin/sh rm -rf “/Library/com.apple.iWork09.Installer.plist” rm -rf “/Library/com.apple.iWork09.plist” rm -rf “/Library/Application Support/iWork ’09/” rm -rf “/Library/Receipts/iWork09Trial.pkg” rm -rf […]

Using DeployStudio in a Dual Platform Environment

(Another post copied from someone else [wiki.sdsm.k12.wi.us/users/tmetallo/weblog/49560/Using_DeployStudio_in_a_Dual_Platform_Environment.html  perhaps?]– but the original doesn’t seem to be around any more, so this is from Google’s cache…) Using DeployStudio in a Dual Platform Environment Summary of our Environment We are running a single, Dual quad core 2.8 GHz, XServer with OS 10.6.6 and 8 GB RAM. We are […]

[MACENTERPRISE] Managing Chrome: The Rough Guide

[Editor’s note: This isn’t mine– total props to Nick McSpadden, who posted it to the MacEnterprise mailing list! Thanks, Nick!]   Greetings! This is a sort of follow-up to my guide on managing Firefox, this time focusing on managing Google Chrome.  I’m working on current Chrome version 18 (which just today got updated to 19), and […]

Advanced Mac Configuration Topics

Found a great resource here; stole the page and put it here. Maybe will be adding to this and making it my Mac Admin knowledge repository…