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Using DeployStudio in a Dual Platform Environment

(Another post copied from someone else [wiki.sdsm.k12.wi.us/users/tmetallo/weblog/49560/Using_DeployStudio_in_a_Dual_Platform_Environment.html  perhaps?]– but the original doesn’t seem to be around any more, so this is from Google’s cache…) Using DeployStudio in a Dual Platform Environment Summary of our Environment We are running a single, Dual quad core 2.8 GHz, XServer with OS 10.6.6 and 8 GB RAM. We are […]

Using NetCat, dd and bzip to copy drives in Linux

Boot from PartedMagic on Source and Target machines. On terminal of Target machine: use ifconfig to determine ip address (targetip) netcat –l –p 2525 | bzip2 –d | dd of=/dev/sda On terminal of Source machine: bzip2 -cvv /dev/sda | nc targetip 2525