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Using Winbind to Resolve Active Directory Accounts in Debian

Michael Battista (originally from http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/battista/articles/winbind/winbind.pdf) 1. Introduction I recently was assigned the task of joining a Debian workstation to a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain. Though most of the documentation I read for doing this was rather straightforward, 100% of that documentation turned out to be only 85% useful. While all were easy to follow, […]

Unix/Linux/OSX scripting

{stolen from here…} Unix Shell Stuff    $# – Contains the number of arguments passed to the program in the form of positional variables. $* – Contains all the positional parameters passed to the program. $1-$9 – Positional parameters. $0 – Contains the program name. $$ – Contains the process ID of the current process. […]

determine Linux directory sizes

Summarizes size of home folder excluding Dropbox, Downloads, Videos, Trash: du -sh –exclude “Dropbox” –exclude “Downloads” –exclude “Videos” –exclude “Trash” ~/   Shows size of subfolders (1 deep) with same excludes: du -h -d 1 –exclude “Dropbox” –exclude “Downloads” –exclude “Videos” –exclude “Trash” ~/  

Using NetCat, dd and bzip to copy drives in Linux

Boot from PartedMagic on Source and Target machines. On terminal of Target machine: use ifconfig to determine ip address (targetip) netcat –l –p 2525 | bzip2 –d | dd of=/dev/sda On terminal of Source machine: bzip2 -cvv /dev/sda | nc targetip 2525